4 Reasons To Pick a Gas Fireplace

Log fireplaces are old-fashioned, and not just in terms of aesthetics. While they look magnificent, they take a lot of work to operate and maintain compared to newer innovations. Here are a few reasons why a gas fireplace is the better choice.

It’s Cleaner

When you burn wood, you must be careful which varieties you pick as some create more creosote than others. Even if you have a perfect piece of lumber you must cure it first or else risk a smoke-filled home.

Not only does gas burn without smoke, but it’s also more eco-friendly. Burning gas creates far less carbon dioxide than wood, meaning you can have a fireplace without harming the environment. 

It’s Easer

You don’t have to chop wood, store it or worry about running out. Instead of toiling to build a fire and maintain it, a gas fireplace can be turned on and off as easily as a television, sometimes even with a remote as well.

Since no logs are burned there is no ash to worry about either, and you will most likely only need to have your fireplace serviced annually. If there is an issue, gas fireplace repair Denver tends to be less costly than with wood-burning fireplaces. 

It’s Efficient

If you want a fireplace for heat instead of just ambiance, you can use it in place of your furnace and circulate the warm air throughout the entire house instead of just one room. A gas fireplace offers more consistent heat than wood, as you don’t have to keep tossing on fuel or stoking the fire. 

It’s Safer

While safety precautions should always be exercised where fire is involved, gas fireplaces are far more predictable. You don’t have to worry about sparks or popping embers, greatly reducing the risk of a house fire.

Fireplaces are just like any other appliance. You wouldn’t want a microwave from the 1980s, so don’t settle for a fireplace from the 1880s. Make the upgrade today!