6 Steps for Move into New Office

When your business is growing well, of course, you will increase the number of your employees. With the increasing number of personnel, you will need a wider office. You are moving offices to be a solution to accommodate the entire team that you have.

Some tips can be done by the company so that the process of moving offices runs smoothly without corrupting time for work.

Select New Office

Make sure the new office has enough space to accommodate the entire team. You can choose a place that is slightly wider than needed, so if you the company needs additional personnel, you don’t need to find a new office again.

Rent a Good Expedition Services

There are many moving services on the market. However, you have to choose the best one. Try to do a simple survey on the internet about office expedition providers. Check the reputation of the services provided. That way, you will be able to find out which office expedition suits your needs. If you are looking for one of the best expedition services, rhenus lupprians is the right choice. They are an expedition service that serves various forms of transfers. Not only that, they are also experts in  network installation services.

Consider the Safety Factor

The safety factor must be a major consideration when you choose to move offices. Choose an area that offers 24-hour security services, and is equipped with supporting facilities such as CCTV cameras, room access, and many more.

Create an Activity Schedule

make a schedule about activities that need to be done soon. These activities include replacement of taking care of an insurance policy. It is very important, so you don’t have to take care of permits and licenses to conduct business in the new office.

Alert the Vendor

It is important that you contact all of your clients and tell them that the office has been moved. Try to contact all clients and give out the clear address of the new office before you actually move. This helps clients to find your new office.

Boxes and Labels

Give each employee a box to put their items in. The box can be given a name, division, and also a color code to make the moving process become easier.