How to Care for Marble Floors

Marble is one popular type of flooring. Although the price is not low, marble floors remain the belle of many circles because of the impression it poses. Also, beautiful colors and motifs that appear naturally are the main attraction.

Marble floors are also famous for their easy maintenance. Even so, you have to be careful because marble is a porous natural stone.

Then, what is the correct way to clean marble floors?

Use Detergents with Neutral pH

Keep the marble floor away from chemical cleaners and acid-based detergents that can damage the marble floor. Neutral pH soap will not damage marble. The trick is simply mixing the detergent with warm water and follow the instructions given.

Mop with Warm Water

Why do you have to use warm water? Cleaning marble with warm water will be more effective than using cold water. Warm water is proven to be better at cleaning dirt. That way, you don’t need to use too much hard solution, that could damage the floor.

Clean the Spilled Liquid immediately

As mentioned earlier, marble is a porous stone, where water and dirt easily seep into it. For this reason, letting liquid spill too long can let it enter the pore and result in the dull or discolored floor.

Use a Soft Mop

We suggest you use microfiber material mop. Not only safer for marble floors, but microfiber is also positively charged so that it can attract negatively charged material such as dirt and grease.

Be Careful Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Use caution when using dust cleaners. Did you know that the plastic on the vacuum cleaner can scratch the floor? You certainly don’t want marble floors to be damaged because of this, right?

Protect with a Sealant

A sealant is a material used to protect marble to avoid stains. Apply periodically so that the marble floor is well-maintained. Usually, sealants are applied once every 3-5 years, depending on the product and its use.

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