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FTSE 350 Travel & Leisure Index FTNMX405010

Entertainment consists of any activity that provides the general public with pleasure and relaxation during leisure time. Some of these activities include watching television, drama and stage performance, opera, attending theater, attending sports event and playing variety of board games or video games. Information technology is an integral and mandatory tool of conference and exhibition management. Being able to transmit, access, monitor and evaluate information at once, is essential in conference organization.

  • Independent travel is likely to recover more quickly, as people remain hesitant to travel in groups.
  • Discover how you can combine public sector goals with technical solutions to create a seamless and efficient user journey with the rise of mobility as a service .
  • Leonardo DiCaprio‚Äôs 2000 movie, The Beach, was disastrous for the ecosystem of Maya Bay, where it was partly filmed.
  • “As travel continues to rebound and people look