The B2b Platform For Digitalizing The Style Trade

We work closely with our partner brands and artisans to make sure work is completed to fashion’s high standards. Through fixed training, our artisans can improve their skills and adapt to the style, abilities and high quality required by today’s fashion market. We work with the business’s leading abilities to create the handcrafted treasures consumers crave; ones that are really luxurious, together with in ethical and environmental dimensions. The exercise implies that the cycle of ultra-fast-fashion will solely keep ticking up in velocity and volume, so lengthy as shoppers proceed to willingly purchase into micro-trends — and discard them simply as rapidly. It’s not clear how long ultra-fast-fashion’s environmental impact could be ignored.

SCAD students are poised to form the style panorama because of mentorship from influential fashion insiders and skilled school who’ve labored with high homes and types. You’ll also acquire an all-access move to prime design assets and …

Largest Startup Accelerator Platform for Women and Tech

Our executive leadership is at the heart of our award-winning technology. These are some of the brightest and most accomplished minds in the industry. They drive their excellence forward by delivering state-of-the-art technological solutions and managing all the key financial, strategic, and operational decisions of the company. A number of top executives are reportedly ousted as the billionaire acquires the social media platform.

Our aim is to position Malta as a reputable Tech News centre and to assist local tech companies to reach beyond our shores through a number of initiatives. Providing a springboard for local tech companies to establish a relationship with international partners. shall be instrumental in taking the prolific tech industry to the next level, building on the strengths that it already enjoys and moving forward to new ambitious highs.

Softphone apps enable free and low-cost calls from devices such as your personal smartphone or business …