Three Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Whether you love to cook, you bake as a hobby or you’re just as happy to order takeout, chances are you spend plenty of time in your kitchen. Upgrading your kitchen doesn’t have to be time-consuming, inconvenient or expensive: these three changes are easy to make, and they will have a significant effect on your quality of life.

Replace Your Dishwasher

Does your aging dishwasher struggle to get those plates and glasses completely clean, leaving you to scrub them even after they’ve been through a wash cycle? It will save you time and make you happier, in the long run, to upgrade to a newer model. Replacing this appliance is not as daunting as it may seem, since most professionals can take care of dishwasher installation Washington DC in under an hour for between $100 and $300 (depending on where you live).

Add New Hardware

If new cabinets aren’t in your budget, simply replacing the hardware can go a long way towards updating your kitchen’s look. Determine an estimated budget for this project and divide it by the number of handles, knobs and drawer pulls in your kitchen to determine a target price per piece. Home improvement stores, like Lowe’s, are a good place to find affordable cabinet hardware.

Update Your Décor

It’s easy to find inexpensive items that give any kitchen an upscale feel. Try storing frequently-used utensils, like spatulas and stirring spoons, in a pretty canister on your counter or propping up wooden boards to cover blank wall space. Even a bowl of flowers or fruit at the center of the kitchen table will brighten your space.

Revamping your kitchen doesn’t have to be a hugely demanding project. If you’re short on funds, time or both, making just a few small changes will have a sizable impact.