The roof protects the inside of the house from the sun, rain, and dirt. If the rainy season comes, many people will be worried if the roof of the house is leaking. Now, if your roof is leaking, of course, it’s an important problem. Leakage can disturb your comfort in the house because there will be many buckets around you. Leakage can also cause damage to furniture, such as cabinets, chairs, or other furniture made from wood.

So do not underestimate this problem. here are some tips on how to  fix leakage roof:

1. Replace Broken or Damaged Roof

The condition of the broken roof due to being exposed to the weather can make rainwater enter your house. Check your roof periodically to avoid this.

2. Clean the gutter

Dirty gutters can make the roof of your house leak. It happened because the rainwater won’t flow. trash such as a leaf from the tree can store water because the channel is blocked.

Therefore, you should clean up the trash on your roof so that it does not clog the waterways.

3. Fix the roof slope

The slope of the roof is one of the factors that can cause the roof of your house to leak. If the roof of your house is rather flat and sloping, it can cause a slow flow of rain water and make the roof leak.

Therefore, pay attention to the slope of your roof.the slope of the roof must range from 30-40 angle to prevent leak.

4. Create Enough Air Ventilation

 too humid is a factor that can make a roof leak. To avoid porous roofs, make sure your house has a good air circulation system. Make a vent or window on the side of the roof or under the tile.  You do not need to make a ventilation that is too large. You can make one that is enough to give air circulation.

5. Installing Plastic Under the Roof

Before you install the roof of the house, you can coat the bottom with plastic. Using plastic can protect the roof from raindrops or rubbish that enters into narrow gaps. This method is often done in rural areas.

These are tips to fix leakage in the roof house

You can apply one of these methods to your leaky roof. For those of you who don’t have time to do roof repairs or find a repairer to fix it, you can use the services of roof tilers Sydney, Southern Cross Roofing. They serve the various needs, Starting from repair damage in the house, renovation of a house or building, and many more