Why you should choose Lab Diamonds over Natural Diamonds

In the modern day, selecting an engagement ring can prove somewhat overwhelming. With an endless selection of choices, the list just keeps getting longer. However for those looking for a diamond ring, there is now another option to consider. Why not choose lab created diamonds uk? Before you decide, it is essential to know what sets lab grown and mined diamonds apart. In fact, as far as diamond consumers are concerned, there is little to no difference between the two. Holding the same chemical, optical and gemological factors, there are no differences between both diamonds. So what makes lab diamonds better you ask.

Ethical concerns

Lab grown diamonds are considered to be a more ethical choice as they do not contribute to environmental degradation or human rights abuses that can be associated with the diamond mining industry. The process of growing diamonds in a laboratory uses less land and resources compared to traditional mining methods, and there is no need for large-scale evacuation or displacement of local communities. Additionally, some labour practices in the diamond mining industry have been criticised for contributing to poverty, child labour, and other human rights abuses. Lab-grown diamonds eliminate the need for these practices, as they are produced in a controlled environment with well-regulated labour practices. So you can rest assured that your jewellery is free from conflict and fully certified to international standards.


Due to the rarity of natural diamonds, their price can sometimes prove out of budget. Lab diamonds are typically 30% cheaper than their mined counterparts due to the production process being more controlled, leading to a higher yield and lower cost compared to their traditional mining process. The lack of need for large scale evacuation and land use reduces the cost. However despite the lower price, lab grown diamonds are still considered luxury items and with a more cost effective approach a bigger diamond can be achieved for your budget.


Due to lab diamonds being grown, not built, they will also receive inclusions that affect the stones brilliance and clarity grade. Lab diamonds are fully customisable because the growing process can be precisely controlled in a laboratory setting. Therefore this allows for manufacturers to produce diamonds with specific properties such as size, clarity, colour and cut, to meet the demands of each customer. The customisation options available with lab diamonds have made them popular among customers looking for unique and personalised jewellery.

Environmental impact

It only takes one google search to see the environmental damage and pollution which mined diamonds cause. While the industry has attempted to make changes, lab grown diamonds are still considered to be a more ethical choice. Their lab origin means no resources or environments are harmed in the process which can result in deforestation, soil erosion and habitat loss. Lab grown diamonds eliminate the need for these practices, and instead supply an ethical and sustainable option for brides to be.


Overall, the provenance of lab grown diamonds provides customers with greater certainty and confidence in their purchase, and is an important factor for those who value transparency and sustainability in their jewellery choices.