Wooden Flooring The Elegant Choice

There are various types of wood used for floors. The more expensive are the hardwoods such as oak, ash, walnut, Iroko, elm and maple. The cheaper softwoods such as pine are often stained or decorated because they lack the rich colour of hardwoods. Left in its natural state, wood flooring can be laid in herringbone patterns, in parquet style designs or as planks in staggered configuration so that a pattern is formed by the wood. Wood is an organic material and therefore should be properly treated and dried before being laid. With the aid of technology, wood have been processed or engineered as we call it, to suit other basic requirements. House owners all over the world have taken a huge fancy to Engineered Wood Flooring UK and their range of engineered flooring options of late.

Getting Set – Many households have perfectly good floorboards hidden beneath their old carpets. If stripped, sanded and sealed, varnished, painted dyed or waxed these boards can look spectacular. If the boards are not in good condition then it is difficult to lay new ones, or alternatively wood tiles or parquet. The key to success is to ensure they are laid on a perfectly flat surface. When you see your perfectly laid floor for the first time your eyes will hardly believe the beauty and perfection before them.

Installation – If you find that you do not have good floorboards, you will need to find a reputable company who can fit the floor for you. Having the floor fitted professionally will ensure that you have sound material and also that it is carried out to health and safety standards. Also, you can get great tips and advice from the tradesmen who will tell you how to take care of your floor and any pitfalls you should avoid. You can search for such companies online or talk to friends who have gotten similar work done to see if they can recommend a company to you.

Maintenance – The one area you will be very keen to learn about is how to take care of your floor. Central heating can wreak havoc with your wooden flooring: causing the boards to dry out and shrink whereas spillage of water such as that from a leaking pipe will make the wood swell. New wood floors should be left for two days to acclimatize to a room’s environment before being laid. As an everyday surface, wood is relatively easy to clean – you can simply brush it or wipe over the top with a damp cloth or mop. Depending on the finish of the wood it may need to be waxed or polished every month or so, if it is varnished, stripped and recoated about every ten years depending on whether or not it is in an area of heavy traffic.

Mosaic – If you thought that mosaic was something exclusive to multi coloured tiles then it is time to change your mind set. For many decades now, homeowners have realised the value such a design can hold in the realm of wooden flooring, particularly when it comes to selling your home. Mosaic panels are made from short strips glued together into small squares. These squares are then assembled with a backing into larger panels arranged in a basket weave pattern. The panels are glued to a prepared sub-floor, and require sanding and sealing after laying.